They loved making the fall tree by using red, yellow,

This week the children at East West Montessori School enjoyed learning about The Fall. They loved making the fall tree by using red, yellow, orange, and brown paint. Enjoyed making a tree with pretzels, grapes, and dry fruits during cooking day and had lots of fun watching a movie!!

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East West Montessori School was established by the Victory Christian Church in 1986 as the first Montessori International School in the prefecture, in 1991 the East West Montessori Academy, and in 1999 the school philosophy was to provide a high-level early childhood education. The school name has been changed to East West Montessori School.
At our school, we are constantly researching on early childhood education, and we are making every effort to be a leading figure in the Montessori School trend domestically or globally.
Please let East West Montessori School help you make your child's important future.
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